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September 2021

Vistas Enredadas shares my perspective of being in Mexico City during the worst wave yet of COVID-19, which I did not intend. I drew inspiration for this body of work from my daily walks around the city. By observing and slowing down, I took note of everyday things like the window protection bars on every house, the designs on sidewalks and walls, random hanging electrical wires, the shuffle of the street vendors, and the constant movement of people, cars, and bikes. 


I kept a daily sketchbook and then used these drawings and notes to inform my paintings and soft sculptures. To create my work, I focused on repetition of techniques, colors, and materials. In my paintings, I drew from my drawings to create scenes or abstract geometric landscapes. I created stencils and repeated them in different colors of gouache to create a motif that repeats in many of the paintings. In my soft sculptures, I used an eclectic assortment of wool, plastic, and cotton yarn and thread, all sourced in Mexico City, to create free standing forms. I repeated a simple hand crochet stitch over and over to create shapes that resonate with my experience. 


During my stay here I’ve had an influx of emotions due to personal life changes and the constant anxiety of the pandemic. I’ve also been reflecting on what it means to be Chicana with no relatives in Mexico and thinking about my family history and heritage. This collection is an attempt to digest and create in physical forms my day to day experiences and my deeper emotional state.


Experimentation and Exhibition Space in Escandon

General Salvador Alvarado 140, Colonia Escandón, CDMX 11800  /  Tel. 5528911242

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