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August 2021

Infinito Libre ”(Infinite Free): is an exhibition about the courage, strength and endurance of the human spirit that is infinitely free. The subjects of the program are Mexican workers who continue to fight and work despite the terrible situation of the pandemic. These individuals are fighters, wrestlers, warriors, and superheroes. These individuals are shown with masks similar to that of Lucha Libre.


The influence of the work is based on pre-Hispanic Mexican indigenous art. The techniques used are mixed that include acrylic latex paint, oil pastels, collage and engraving. The goal of this project was to meet local workers and talk to them about their work. Through language I was able to talk about my project and describe the presentation of each topic. Each person gave me permission to take a photo and then remix the photo to maintain their anonymity. Each participant was told that they would be given a copy of the final piece and invited to the show. This will be the second time I have shown work here in CDMX. It is an honor for me to highlight the strength of these people who give me the courage and strength to fight and be free. Come watch the show this Saturday in person or online.



Experimentation and Exhibition Space in Escandon

General Salvador Alvarado 140, Colonia Escandón, CDMX 11800  /  Tel. 5528911242

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