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Carleti López Traviesa

July 2021

When I decided to dedicate myself exclusively to the discipline of painting, one of the first iconographic motifs I used was dogs on skateboards. On the other hand, today July 7, the day of the inauguration in EEEEE I am turning 42 years old (according to my passport because there is an error in my birth certificate, my real birthday is August 7).


I have skated on and off since I was 6 years old, it has always been one of my obsessions related to fun and even taken as a lifestyle. But there comes a time when you get old to practice these types of hobbies and you feel afraid of hurting yourself, of having concerns about health insurance and the time that you cannot lose if you break something, the energies are no longer the same.


"Skatepark 42" is the skatepark that represents me, full of dogs, aesthetics, the visual, the fantastic and the surreal prevail over sport, the pictorial representation evokes physical memories of the past, the movement of skateboarding moves to the gesture of the stroke and the stain.


My work in art management makes me forget about my artistic practice, this exhibition is a point of attention in which I return to painting, readjust my creative position and remember that I am also an artist.

Carleti López Traviesa


Experimentation and Exhibition Space in Escandon

General Salvador Alvarado 140, Colonia Escandón, CDMX 11800  /  Tel. 5528911242

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