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September 2021


“In a world stifled by polarities, the in-betweens are not recognized. I want to celebrate these in-between moments of transition where something unacceptable or undesirable seeps out.”

Acutely aware of the polarity within the real and perceived pressures of her native Indian culture and emigrant destinations in the United States and México, artist Annu Yadav expands the veil of duality to explore its extremes present in our own lives. ‘In Between Duality’ is a passage through scenes of memory, pain, contradiction, femininity and unity where Annu explores and celebrates the space that exists in-between.


In this exhibition, the artist seeks to explore the shapes and forms of contradiction through animalistic, materialistic, natural, dreamed, cultural motifs, spirit and visceral colors. In her work, these characters and themes equally co-exist, exposing perpetual conflict that morph into extreme states of discomfort, growth and acceptance. Her paintings create scenes where momentary contradictions shatter the illusion of duality and outdated binary notions of East and West to express her complex experience in today’s transcultural era. 


Her Covid induced dormancy in the United States melted away upon arriving in México, where the recognition of an

ancient culture suspended between its pre-colonial history and its post colonial reality became the catalyst for the mixed media body of work in this exhibition. 


Experimentation and Exhibition Space in Escandon

General Salvador Alvarado 140, Colonia Escandón, CDMX 11800  /  Tel. 5528911242

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